Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip/Move Part 7: Aiken, SC

On the 7th leg of our trip, we stayed in Aiken with Matt's parents for a few days.  We did a lot of visiting, sleeping and eating!  We were able to visit with the Jacksons, Kisners, Keatons, Mrs. Clemmens, the ladies at Meybohm as well as a few others.  It was a very enjoyable and restful time.

Road Trip/Move Part 6: Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta we stayed with Matt's Grandpa for three nights. While there we met up with the Sell's and Redden's for dinner and then dessert at Cafe Intermezzo. We also recruited Haley to play tourist with us and we headed downtown to tour the World of Coke Museum, walked through Centinnial Park, and ate lunch at the CNN Center. We tried some delicious and disgusting sodas at the Coke museum! On the last evening we had a good visit and delicious dinner with Matt & Victoria at Season 52.

Road Trip/Move Part 5: Bowden, GA

Our first stop in Georgia was the scenic country town of Bowden where Matt's great Aunt and Uncle live. They have a beautiful home on a majestic plot of land with gardens, rolling hills, cows, wild turkeys, an old rock building and the cutest hound dog puppies! I truly felt like we were at a bed and breakfast with the fantastic views, fresh air and excellent meals. It was wonderful getting to know more of the family I married into.

Road Trip/Move Part 4: Auburn, AL

After leaving Dothan we stopped for boiled peanuts and headed up to Auburn for the afternoon. Cameron gave us a tour of the new student union building and we walked by the new basketball arena and almost completed new dorm area. What huge changes on campus! We also met up with some of Matt's fraternity brothers, Mark & Jason, for lunch at Niffer's.

Road Trip/Move Part 3: Dothan, AL

Our next border crossing was into Alabama the Beautiful. We drove through Mobile at dusk and had a great view of downtown and the battleship. Once in Dothan we enjoyed time with Mom, Uncle Ted, Aunt Karen and Cameron, who came down for the weekend from Auburn. We also got to see Benji & Krystal for a quick bite while their house was being shown to sell and had a good couch visit with 3 of the 5 Downings. One of the week's highlights was meeting Herreson Nicholls, Robbie & Lindsay's 4 month old. He is such a fantastic cuddler! We also spent some time at Dakota to use the wireless internet and enjoy an iced mocha. During the past 4 years visiting with my family was usually done in TX or MO, so it was really nice to spend a few days back in Dothan.

Road Trip/Move Delay: Flat Tire

Just as we were about to cross into Mississippi we heard a hellicopter landing on the back of our car. Within 2 or 3 seconds we found out it was really a flat tire. Thankfully it was a safe experience, the weather cooperated and none of the items from our trunk blew away as we emptied it to access the spare. After spending some time at the Firestone in Slidel, LA we ate lunch in Biloxi and got back on the road just in time to catch some breathtaking clouds and intense thunderstorms.

Road Trip/Move Part 2: Baton Rouge, LA

On the second leg of the trip we saw Texas in our rearview mirror as we headed across the border to spend the night with Wes & Ashley in Baton Rouge. It was a fantastic city! We had a fun time visiting, touring the area, eating fried chicken, playing Apples to Apples and walking through their neighborhood. These photos were taken downton at the LA state capitol. There is a step for each state leading up to the building.

Road Trip/Move Part 1: Houston, TX

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday the 15th we left Waco with big smiles, a full car and even a few tears. First stop on the cross country visiting route was Houston. We ate at The Hobbit with Thomas & Kayla, drove around the impressive medical center and had a good night's sleep on their air mattress. The next day we ventured into another area of downwotn and met Brad & Meredith for a great Italian lunch.