Tuesday, June 10, 2008

War Eagle Wedding!

We made it to Auburn & back.  Getting there was a bit challenging though... after being rebooked on 3 additional airlines & rerouted through a few different cities we finally left Dallas at the time we should have been arriving in Auburn.  Oh well.  Seven hours later than expected we pulled up to our hotel.  Friday morning Matt's parents drove down to visit for the day.  We walked around campus, Matt visited with a few of his professors, and then we met my brother at Bazillia's Cafe for chicken pesto panini's.  It had been a long time since Cameron & I had seen each other & it was great to visit with him.  Then I left to help kick off the wedding festivities... Ashley's lingerie shower!  It, as well as the wedding & reception, was at Auburn Oaks, a venue out in the country owned by Pat Dye.  There were bedrooms galore, so the entire wedding party stayed out there as well.  Before we left on Sunday sweet Sarah drove down from Birmingham just to see us for a couple hours.  It was so great seeing her (and -2 month old Mac!)  She put some pictures up on her blog.  It was a great mini vacation/wedding celebration.  There was little sleep, but lots of laughs & hugs.  We loved seeing many friends from Auburn (and even high school).  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Weston Bell!!!

(Unfortunately my camera died shortly after this picture)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Alabama Bound!

We're headed back to Alabama this Thursday & are so pumped!  Our friends Ashley & Wes are getting married in Auburn so we have a great 4 day vacation/celebration planned!  I became friends with Wes in high school and then with Ashley in college.  She & I lived together Jr. & Sr. years at AU and Wes was in the same fraternity Matt was in.  They are a crazy wonderful couple meant to go together like peas & carrots.  As we rooted for them all along, God was also on their side and now they're tying the knot in just a few days.  Here's a couple older pictures with my artist buddy whom I love dearly :-)