Friday, March 20, 2009

A Few Photos

The ongoing round-about construction in front of our apartment, St. Patrick's Day spritz cookies, Rowdy's sleeping position of choice, & Skype group picture with some of my best buddies.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growing Family

My cousin Kerry had her first baby this past November (on Matt's birthday as well) and Grandad got to meet him for the first time last week.  They live in CA and MO so hopefully I'll get to meet the baby before he's too grown up!  Wyatt is the first great-grandchild/2nd cousin in the family.  Very special :0)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Good Websites

Two good websites I've wanted to share for a while are:

Supercook helps you come up with recipes based on what is in your kitchen.  Smartsource is a coupon & savings website I get a kick out of. 

While on the topic of food & shopping.  I do not like grocery shopping at the Walmart in Waco.  I intermittently fall victim to  their convenient location and I smile as I breeze through the easy-to-get-around-in-isles and find exactly what I need at a very good price and quality.  But, I continually fight my instinct to abandon every ounce of tact in me and gawk at the melting pot of unique shoppers that flock inside.  It is an American epidemic and I don't like it.  

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March's Mysteries & Surprises

Tonight is the last of many of its kind...  It's 11:00, I'm watching HGTV and Matt has been on campus with Dr. Cleaver since 7:30 ish.  There have been many nights similar to this during the past handful of years, but tonight marks the beginning of the end.  In preparation for submitting it to the Baylor Graduate School tomorrow morning, they are putting the finishing touches on Matt's dissertation.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Has his 5 year program really almost come to a close?  If I'm in awe of it, I know he is.  As the month of March begins, so does the end of our life as we know it.  All Matt has ever done is school and therefore the only thing I've known him to be is a student.  We don't know life with each other any other way and it's been fabulous thus far, but goodness gracious are we excited to learn differently!  Right now all we know is that his resume is circulating from coast to coast  and graduation is on May 15th... after that only the Lord knows.  

Were you as surprised as I was to hear about (or experience) the southern snow that made it all the way down to Dothan today?  Wow.  

Here's what I know; God (1) keeps us on our toes by revealing the details of our lives in his timing and (2) always offers little musings along the way like spring snow in Alabama.  

Bring it on, March.