Monday, February 22, 2010


Thanks for all your input with the couches. It's good to get feedback. I had high hopes for those three sofas, especially the third because it came in my favorite charcoal gray color, but sadly it just didn't feel right. The second one felt oh so nice, but something else made me hesitant. The third was comically uncomfortable. After thinking, discussing and lounging between the first two we walked away empty handed. Onward and upward.

The last store we visited Sunday afternoon had a couch I've had my eye on since August, but it had been a wee bit expensive. Low and behold they were having a floor model sale BUT this sofa had already sold AND had a discontinued sign on it!!! ARG!!! The girl helping us did some legwork and found out there were four left (for the whole country) in their Ohio warehouse and we could still order one in a linen color at the sale/discontinued price. YIPPIE!!! So, one week from tomorrow we will have a brand new couch delivered. We didn't buy it for our current (temporary) space, we didn't buy it for our (rare) company, we bought it for how we primarily use our couch and that is for laying and lounging while watching TV. It's long, wide and practically an extra guest bed. Though it is discontinued, I did find this photo online. Woo hoo the search is over!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cabin Fever Relievers

Whenever it was that the snow stopped (remember the week+ that was sucked into a black hole & turned into a blob of unaccountable time?) we took up on every opportunity to get out. Here are some pictures from a few of those outings:

Some of downtown nestled underneath snow.
Icy water.
The opposite shore was visible as a sliver of white.
Skiing in Annapolis? Apparently so.
Docks covered in snow.
Our dream neighborhood! (Riiight... it's waterfront)
Outdoor ice skating! We are now in even more awe of Olympic sports involving skates.
We took the Metro into DC one evening to meet and have dinner with some of Matt's fellow grad students and professor from Baylor who were in town for a conference:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Couch Contemplation

Calling all opinions on the following three sofa styles. There are pros & cons to each. My priorities have changed a lot and now at this point in the search it boils down to comfort, price and versatility:Maybe I can focus on less versatile and more stylish styles down the road:

Oh dear striped sofa, you have served your purpose well over many years. You cushioned Matt & friends during childhood, supported him on into grad school, and cozied our living room during our first years of marriage. Despite the gap in your cushions, the rip in your upholstery (not to mention your upholstery itself) your squeaky joints and lack of back support, we hope to bid you adieu and find a new home for you soon...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even More Snow Pics

Just when we thought we had seen all of it, we got another snowstorm. It happened at some point during the week that got sucked into the black hole of snowed-in time...

Our buddies were still camping out with us and in addition to the usual time passers, Angela & I attended a free yoga class upstairs, Matt & Aaron unearthed our Super Nintendo from an unopened moving box (yes, we still have a few stashed) and three of us dared to walk across the street to Shoppers grocery store (Surely it was the only open business in town?)

More Snow Pics

Some more pictures from the first snowstorm. That week just melted away into the black abyss of time, so I have no idea what days these were. The town practically shut down and no one could get anywhere easily. We had friends stay with us the entire week, which to some sounds crazy, but it actually kept us all from going crazy. We cooked, ate, watched TV, played cards, went upstairs for coffee, utilized the exercise room and continually looked outside. Or tried too. For one full day all we could see was the snow plastered to every window in the apartment:

The snow plows were out in full force trying to keep main roads as clear as possible. This resulted in some pretty big piles. The guys couldn't resist climbing on the biggest ones:

We averted cabin fever with the fore-mentioned activities, as well as a sledding attempt in the parking garage. Wasn't successful, but we were glad we tried:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside ...

Matt here...

When we first moved up here, several people swore that "Annapolis doesn't get much snow". They still manage to say that with a straight face.

One of the less windy parts of the roof - so this
is about how much snow we've actually had
so far.

The pool freezing over.

The furniture will likely be covered by the end.

Yes, that's almost a five foot drift.

And from what we're seeing on the news, there is plenty, plenty more to come in the next day or so.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Six Months Here

And we are in awe of the friends God has blessed us with in such a short time. We do not lack community in our new home, and for that we are forever grateful. Starting from scratch in a new place has had its challenges, but these wonderful folks (& others not pictured) have enhanced our lives and opened our minds to see what friendship means in a way we haven't had to learn in the past. Forever grateful.