Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sense and Lamborghini

Last night I finished reading this 1965 copy of Sense and Sensibility. I came across it and dozens of classic novels stashed in my Mom's childhood bedroom over the Christmas holidays. What beautiful language and thought-provoking insights into the world of 1811.

In other news, Matt wants to show off his new car:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

As of Lately...

We crossed paths with Sabrina Soto (host on HGTV's Get It Sold) while couch hunting. She was furniture shopping for an episode that was being filmed in the area and they were in a hurry as the (then recent) snow storms had bumped their schedule back a couple weeks. Despite that, she had a friendly chat with us and disclosed that her budget-friendly transformation tricks are greatly aided by low-cost furniture stores like Ikea and Room Store. We happened to be at Value City that day.

Just a couple days afterward we were at the grocery store when Matt spotted one of our favorite So You Think You Can Dance contestants from last summer, Caitlin. She performed this fun Bollywood routine, which we saw live in Baltimore while they were on tour. They were both fun "celebrity" sightings.

Last Saturday we and eight others from our church made the two'ish hour drive to Whitetail in PA for a day of spring skiing. Though the snow was thick and heavy, the weather was glorious and we had a fantastic time.

This past Thursday we completed our fourth year of marriage. And might I gloat on my creative husband... That afternoon I received a call saying there was a package for us in the leasing office (which is a common phone call if something comes in the mail that won't fit in the little mail slot). Once up there, I was surprised to find a colorful bouquet of flowers, BUT on the elevator ride down I was even more surprised that it stopped on the fourth floor where Matt, home early from work, got on smiling and saying, "Fourth floor, four years! Get it? Happy Anniversary!" Soooo sweet, romantic, cute and creative. The office is on the 11th floor and we live on the 3rd, so I don't know how he timed it so perfectly, but it was perfect.

Last week I had a temp-type job working for a guy in Angela's office. (I'm still keeping baby Pierce, but his Granna was in town that week.) It was a veeeery easy work week. He mostly wanted someone to man the fort while he was out of town and I was glad to do it.

We met with a realtor this weekend to gain information on how the home buying process begins. We haven't completely made up our minds about when to buy, but we're curious to look into it and have a couple months before deciding whether or not to renew our lease.

Did you see Google's home page today? For the life of me I could not figure out what they were commemorating or celebrating and had to click on the logo to find out. Much to my delight and amusement, as Pi Day info appeared and it was all making sense in my mind (being March 14th) I happened to look at the clock, which was displaying 3:14 PM. I love it when God orchestrates easy amusement! LOVE IT!