Monday, April 19, 2010

What's In Your Fridge?

  • Staples: eggs, milk, cheese, Ragu, Bisquik
  • Beverages: grape juice, sweet tea, strawberry stuff, oj
  • Splurge: Champagne, oreo yogurt
  • Ethnic: cilantro, salsa, humus, pesto
  • Favorite Condiments: Maille dijon mustard, orange marmelade
  • Leftovers: teriyaki chicken, green beans, mushrooms, noodles
What's in your fridge?

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Couch

Apart from its ability to camouflage into the beige walls and carpet, we love it a little more every day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherry Blossom 5K Day

Once upon a time in the fall of 2009 I, a non-runner and all around non-exerciser these days, naively and optimistically signed up for a 10 mile run. Long story short, in addition to the 80+ inches of snow we had, this winter was hard mentally and physically and I didn't get off my bumbum to train worth a flip. As race day approached, I still wanted to participate so got into the 5K lineup with no problem. While in DC the day before to pick up my packet Matt & I took our first stroll through Chinatown:

The next morning was gloriously beautiful and we arrived on The Mall just in time to watch the top three 10 mile finishers (from Kenya & Ethiopia) make their last dashes to the finish line... 45 minutes after they started.

I lined up with over 1,00 others to complete our 3 mile goal and though I assumed I would walk the entire course, it was easy to quickly fall in line with the slow jog of the crowd. We were off... past the Washington Monument, toward the WWII Memorial, beside the Tidal Basin, past the Lincoln Memorial, across the Potomac River toward Arlington and back the same way. Wow. There were moments of pain as my leg muscles ached and fear as my heart-rate skyrocketed, but more joy than anything. Beautiful day. Historic route. Good health. Home stretch was the worst, but when an announcer over a big speaker could be heard saying "Welcome back runners!" I was determined to get it over with as fast as possible. I know a 5K isn't a huge feat in the running world, but after this winter, it was for me. 39 minutes and 29 seconds after jogging out with the masses, I drug myself over the finish line and heard "Welcome Back Runner!" over the PA.

Afterward, at Old Ebbit Grill Matt and I shared Eggs Chesapeake (like Benedict, but with crab cakes instead of Canadian bacon) and Pierce munched on his Mom's phone.

Before heading back home on the Metro we stopped at the Renwick Gallery/American Craft Museum where we were pleasantly surprised to find more than typical woven basket and quilted crafts:

Ironically we didn't spot a single Cherry Blossom. But outside the Eisenhower Building were these glowing red tulips. It was a special spring Sunday morning.

Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend we made a surprise trip to SC to celebrate Matt's Mom's birthday. With his Dad's help, we walked into Outback Friday night as they were sitting to dinner with friends. It appeared that our sneaky efforts paid off:

Saturday we visited, ran around with his parents, did taxes (yes, on "vacation") and had pizza for dinner. Sunday, being Easter, we spiffed ourselves up and headed to church where hugs were given to family friends and we posed by the gorgeous Easter lilies:

We ate a filling lunch buffet in great company at Houndslake, which also happens to be where Matt played tennis day-in and day-out growing up. While there we walked by the courts to take a stroll down memory lane.

Once home and changed into comfy clothes, impressively no one crashed and burned on the couch. Instead we loaded up and drove to Hitchcock Woods for a walk through the forest (or a swim through the pollen) Aside from the pollen (see Matt's shoes below) it was a perfect day to meander through the pines.