Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Doors

I'm sure we will happily be painting our stamp on this house for as long as we live in it.  Latest focal point to receive a face lift: the back of our front door.  The foyer was a creamy/yellowy/tan, the trim was varnished wood and the door was doo doo maroon.  With no opportunity for natural light to come through the door into the foyer, it was very dark in there. 

We painted the walls and trim before moving in, but kept the door as-is just in case.  In case what?  I don't know.  But I didn't want to regret painting too many surfaces before living in the space first hand.  Caution be danged, the doo doo maroon had to go.

Yesterday I turned the (sad) Auburn game up loud and went to town with two coats of primer.  Today I turned on a baseball game (what?) and lathered on one coat of glossy white.  Needs one more coat tomorrow, then voila!  The front of the door looked okay, but was very dirty and almost creamy.  Now it too looks as bright and crisp as it's rear.  No more doo doo maroon. 

In other door news...  Friday morning I set my alarm for 6:15am to take the recycling out.  I was soo pleased with myself as I opened the back door at 6:30 and walked up and down the driveway in my jammies thanking God for this rare moment of early morning consciousness, as it was allowing me to see the sunrise and breathe the very crisp and refreshing 50 something degree air.  When I discovered the back door was locked I went numb.  Matt was at work, I had no phone, no spare key, no bra, nothing!  The basement was locked and there were no tools of help in the garage.  I think I stood there in shock for a long time wondering how in the blue blazes I was getting out of this pickle.  I was standing on the stoop with a brick in my hand (that I already hurled at the window once, but too tenderly to leave a scratch) when I heard an already trusted neighbor taking his trash out.  Thank.  The.  Lord.  By 7:30 I was back inside and no glass had been shattered.  But we did pry it out of place and make a small mess.  Nothing that duct tape couldn't fix. 

But I didn't have any duct tape.  So I used Scotch tape and bubble wrap. 

Until I bought duct tape. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moi Boudoir

Current Me Status: Sitting on the couch watching Parenthood and What Not To Wear while cruising the internet for images to inspire decorating progress in our bedroom. 

Current Bedroom Status: wood floor, varnished closet doors, white trim, gray walls, baby blue side tables, hand-me-down dressers and brass lamps, black bed frame, white bedding, gold curtains from college.

Possible Plan of Attack: matching larger side tables, taller prettier lamps, better lighting, white curtains, comfy chair/floor lamp/table nook, area rug, photos, personal items and general effects of coziness with possible pops of color.

Really searching for the motivation to make something beautimous happen in there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Storm Came & Went

Thankfully, for our area, Irene was more hype than muscle and after she stuck to a chosen path, all we got was rain, rain, rain and a little wind.  This did result in significant power outages, but no real damage.  Our power was out for a couple days, during which we hung out with friends in DC who had power.  That's about it.  No basement catastrophes, though we do want to get a plumber out to check on something we noticed during the monsoon.  And what we were told was a fixed and "dead" water spot on our bedroom ceiling came back to life.  I don't even want to think about what that may mean until after the inspector investigates next week.  With that one exception, all fared well.  And our insurance company is reimbursing us for the fridge/freezer food we lost!