Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Matt had a busy work week prior to Memorial Day so he decided to take that Friday off as well to make it a four day weekend... lucky for us because his friend called to see if we wanted to go sailing that afternoon!  The friend and his wife recently completed a rigorous multi-week training course and now they are itching to get as much sailing fun in as they can this summer.  His wife was actually out of town this time, so Matt got to be learn the ropes, literally, while I made sure his two little girls didn't get in the way.  Which was super easy because they were super well behaved.  And asleep in my lap. 

We took one of these little fellows out and had a great time gliding past the Naval Academy and around the Severn River. 

Back at home I kept up with our new tradition of homemade pizza for Friday night supper.  This one looks more like pac man than appetizing, but do not be decieved.  The pesto corner was delicious and Matt loved the chicken topping.  

Saturday was another unexpected fun time event... free tickets to the Washington Nationals baseball game. Matt, Hillary, Jeremy, his sister Megan and I took the metro out the the ballpark and sat through the rain to watch them lose.  Sounds fun, right?  It really was :)

That evening our pal Tanner got into town and we had a delightful visit with him over dinner at Gordon Biersch.  And of course Menchie's to top it off.

Sunday consisted of the usual church routine, followed by lunch with friends, then home to lounge on the couch where we watched a pretty fascinating documentary on Woodstock.

Monday, glorious Memorial Day Monday kicked off with breakfast at the diner.  Then came the first round of being overwhelmed by paint samples at Home Depot.  Arg.  Better luck next time.  Moving on...

We had dinner here that eveing with Aaron, Angela, Pierce and Harrison.  Crab legs, chicken, veggies and fruit.  Followed by a casual and colorful game of Skittle chip poker and a movie.  Good times!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Andrews Air Show on Pierce's Birthday

Pierce is two years old!  On his birthday Aaron took all of us (minus Matt who had to work) out to Andrews Air Force Base for a spectacular air show.  Hillary captured some amazing photos of the Thunderbirds in action:

Of Pierce eating cotton candy for the first time and LOVING it:

Of happy Harrison smiling, as usual:

 And of the honkin' big airplanes:

Jeremy graced us with his goofiness:

And I suppose Hillary and I graced him right back because nothing says "Texas is special to us because it's where we became friends" like posing with your arms up in the air.    

More good pics by Mr. & Mrs. with their awesome camera lens:


With all conditions considered (sun, wind, noise, no naps, Pierce's busted lip) we all had a good time.  Old planes parked on the ground and new planes buzzing past each other in the sky made for a great afternoon of no cost entertainment!   

Lots of shade under the wings.
The Memphis Belle (Movie Version)
A peek into the inside of the Thunder Pig.
More honkin' big stuff.  Propellers this time.
"I love you, Sally.  Those two were for you."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

His Signature Look?

As I gear up for warmer weather around here one day (temperature today is still in the 60's) my ironing pile has a theme going on.  Polo anyone?