Friday, April 11, 2008

Colorado Road Trip

A month ago (March 10-15) we went on a semi-last minute, yet long awaited, road trip with our good buddies Hillary & Jeremy Smith and her very cool parents, Karen & Joe Griffin. (Matt & Jeremy lived together for a time in Waco before we got married, as did Hillary and I.  As fate would have it, by the end of 2006 they were married as well!  Since then they have moved between China/Waco/Dallas & back again.  Despite their busy lives, they're still on our A-list and that's why I'll stop talking about them now b/c I'm sure I'll brag on them more another day.)  Anywho... before they started the process of moving BACK to China we got to spend some quality road trip time with them.  I used vacation time to escape work and Matt had the week off for Spring Break so we all drove out to Pagosa Springs, CO and skied at Wolf Creek 30 min away.   We also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary that week!

The trip there was long, but neat.  West TX roads are long, straight and flat (that's also how I feel about my hair sometimes).  We drove through Amarillo, saw the crazy Cadillac's buried in the ground out there, took a look at downtown Santa FE, NM (in all its tan-colored adobe splendor) and ascended into the southern mountains of CO.  
Once there our skiing was cut short by some minor and major setbacks (illnesses, car trouble, multiple car rentals, skunk smooshing... call me if you want the numerous details), but all-in-all we enjoyed ourselves.  Below is a great 5 minute slideshow with music Jeremy put together.  Long live the tradition of spring breaking!  But may our next vacation lack a certain element of adventure this one had :o)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Joining the Blogger World

Frankly, I prefer more one-on-one communication whether it be in person, over the phone, or via email.   However, distance prevents the first, my lack of motivation to pick up a phone puts a damper on the second, and thirdly (though I love doing it) I should probably cut back on my personal emails from work.   With that said, I don't love the idea of making a blog.  But, since I'm motivated by the neat stories & pictures I see on others pages... here's my effort toward keeping people informed on the activities of the Robinson's.  I am joining the masses in order to "keep in touch."  My only real hesitation is that I will waste too much time in front of the computer trying to figure out just the right words to type or waiting on our very slow upload speed when adding pictures.  So far both of these things have proven true.

Nonetheless, welcome to Manna's World.  The land where a five point star can be spotted on demand, where shoe insoles put supper on the table, and where physics books receive a lot of attention.  We're glad you're here :o)

Texas Capitol in Austin, Summer 2007

For those that never got the scoop, or just need a re-cap... 

Matt moved to Waco after graduation in 2004 (War Eagle).  I moved to Waco after graduation in 2005 (War Eagle). We got married in 2006 (War Eagle).  Matt has been pursuing a Ph.D in physics at Baylor and I have been working in the Sales & Marketing department at Spenco Medical Corporation.  We rent an apartment, I drive the same car I bought when I was 16, and we have a boy cat named Lucy (determining gender can be tricky).   

Also, we have lazy mouths so we decided long ago that it is much easier (and fun) to refer to two people that are commonly grouped together by a combined name like "Villary" rather than "Valerie and Hillary" or "Patrah" rather than "Patrick and Sarah."  Hence the title "Manna's World."  Ironically manna means "what is it."  So, what are we?  I dunno.  Just two twenty-somethings transplanted from AL & SC plodding along in TX...