Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ohio Pictures

Here are some pictures from our trip to Ohio last month:

Cincinnati Skyline
Navigation Team
Rehearsal Dinner, Thursday 7-3
With the Bride & Groom, Kate & Brian
Brock & Stef on 4th of July Morning Bus Ride to the Baseball Game
By the River Before the Reds Game
There was a looong rain delay, but Kate's Dad had umbrellas for us!
An All-American 4th of July with Baseball & Hot Dogs!
Bridal party being announced (Matt's in the middle) 
Mr. & Mrs. David
Brock & Stefanie
Us :o)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Friday night (8-15) I came home from work and immediately crashed on the couch for a nap.  (The night before I stayed up until 2:00AM visiting & laughing with friends Marla & Stefanie.  They were in town for Marla's graduation & stayed at our place a couple nights.  It was well worth the lack of sleep.)  I later woke up from the nap after hearing a key in the lock and feet entering the living room - I sleepily raised my head & got a "SURPRISE" as Brock, Stefanie, Jacob, Mandy, Brian, Kate, Matt and a chocolate cake surrounded me.  Matt had everyone come over for a pre-birthday celebration!  (I'm still 24 until the 18th) Once I came to my senses and got out of sleepy-mode we ate dinner at the Elite Grill and then came back to the apartment for a few games of Mexican Train (domino game) and cake.  It was a very fun evening spent with friends.  Thank you Matt :o)

Saturday (8-16) we used our free time to check out a nearby place called Homestead Heritage.  Both of us were surprised at how much we enjoyed ourselves!  To kind of explain what it is I'll use Matt's departing words... "Well, that was cool.  Kinda like the Amish but without all the weird crazy stuff."  Their facilities and way of life are completely modern, just with the mindset of preserving farming and "homesteading" skills of the past that are lost in today's world.  They make and sell all kinds of homemade things as well as give seminars on how to do it yourself.  We had lunch at the deli (had my first falafel!), watched them make pottery, visited with a wood worker in his shop, smelled homemade soaps & lotions, sat in a garden, saw a working gristmill and gawked at the biggest sunflowers I've ever seen (like 10 ft tall!).  As it will do with most adventures, the perfect overcast breezy weather made the outing even more pleasant.  We stopped by the bakery on the way out for an apricot scone & apple nut bread - YUMMM!  Homemade all-natural food is the way to go.  It was a good birthday weekend adventure.  

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anything That Comes to Mind

After peeling open the last roll of laundry-mat quarters I got from the bank I noticed they felt different.  Less grimy.  Low and behold... I looked down and the entire thing had brand spankin new 2008 New Mexico quarters in it!  Not a single scratch on them.  Kinda neat.  

Because I had extra quarters left over I visited the vending machine at work almost every day last week.  Now my new favorite liquid indulgence is Diet Dr Pepper.  And people, the ads are true, there really is nothing diet about it.  Yum.  

I recently discovered the discount bread store in Waco.  I remember going to the one at home with my Mom when I was younger so visiting this one on my own felt like a rite of passage into adulthood.  I got $6 worth of things (tortilla chips, Cinnabon cinnamon bread, English muffins, moon pies...) in order to pick an item off the free rack.  Thank goodness for freezer space.  

Last Saturday (7-27) while Matt spent the morning at home working I headed out with my friend Lisa for some adventures.  First we hit up the local farmer's market.  A bit pricier than HEB (our grocery store), but I love buying fresh local produce.  Next, just for kicks, we headed to an estate auction.  Years ago I remember going to auctions with my Mom and Grandma for their antique business.  This one was the real deal... hamburger stand, big tent in the front yard, auctioneer talking a mile a minute, hands up in the air giving bids, stuff displayed everywhere.  And this was good stuff too.  First thing we heard go was a Martin guitar for $1,800.  The man had been in Congress for 40 years and had quite a collection of antiques and memorabilia.  We stopped at a more reasonable garage sale on the way back.  Spending 50 cents on a pair of Express pants is my kind of bargain!  

This past Friday night (8-1) we didn't have any quarters so we didn't make it to the laundry mat (darn that Diet Dr Pepper addiction).  Instead we went to the dollar theater to see Ironman.  Good fun action comicbookish flick.  Matt had been eager to see it in the big theater, but seeing movies for $1.75 just a month or two later is worth the wait.  

Saturday night (8-2) after a big trip to HEB we rented Music & Lyrics.  It had been a while since we saw a romantic comedy & both thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Today (8-3) I made homemade chocolate ice cream!  We got the machine as a wedding gift from Matt's grandparents and had not yet used it.  Today is Brock's birthday so that was a good reason to try it out!  Very rich and creamy!  

The temperature has been at 100 and above the past week.  Tomorrow the high is 105... not including heat index.  That combined with a dry summer makes for a crispy brown world.  Thankfully I hear some drizzles outside right now!  

The next few days are going to be huge for our friends Sarah & Patrick.  She is scheduled to have their first baby this Wednesday in Birmingham!  Hopefully I can make it out there later in the fall to meet baby Mac.  We are soooo excited for them & look forward to learning about parenting through them.  :o)