Friday, August 26, 2011

The Storms A-Comin!

Hey guys!  How was that for an [unintentional] blog hiatus?  Hope your past month has been a good one.  Around here we're taking it day by day getting acquainted with the house.  And apparently the best way to get to know the ole structure (three weeks after moving in) is to endure a major storm with it.

Come on Irene.  Help us know how waterproof that basement really is.  And thrust us into what life is like with[out] well-water when the power goes out.  And while you're at it, knock a few trees down over the road so we're stranded out here in the country for a few days.

We are as ready as we know how to be.  Working radio and flashlights, gallons and gallons of drinking water, eventually a bathtub full of "flushing" water, cars full of gas, cash and more snacks and pantry items than I should have ever bought.  When I added Hershey's boxed chocolate milk to the cart, I knew I crossed the excessive line.  Reminded me of the times Mom took Cameron and me to the grocery store as kids and let us pick out whatever we wanted on the snack isle.  It took  a few years before we caught on to her method.  As we sat in the backseat of her car dreaming of being elbow deep in cookies once home, she was driving us to the doctor for shots!  Sneaky sneaky.  Thank goodness we had those cookies to focus on once the needle torture was over!

So in light of the possible torture aggravation of not having power this weekend, I stocked our pantry with special items like Granny Smith applesauce, chocolate pudding, chips and grape juice.  It only occurred to me just now and is very, very, very ironic that Matt actually got a shot today.