Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kitten Update

One week later and the kitten is still in our possession, but we don't have a final decision yet.  We've learned that Lucy is slowly adjusting to the kitten's presence alright, she just hates it when he tries to play with her.  So, as long as we have the time & energy to keep them somewhat separated and the little one entertained by by things other than Lucy's tail, it may work out.  Here's a picture I took on the computer;  It makes him look bigger than he really is, but no less cuter!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Joy in a Ball of Fur

It all began when a co-worker found a orange tabby kitten with blue eyes in the parking lot at work Thursday afternoon...   Though Matt did not really want me to, he gave the ok to bring him home to see if Lucy would be ok with it.  If she wasn't, we'd take him to the Humane Society.  It was either that or leave him in the parking lot.  Lucy didn't take to the kitten, so we called around but no friends needed a ball of fur to play with.  All the while the kitten ran all around the back courtyard playing and jumping in my lap having a hay day.  Soooo cute & friendly!  I stayed strong and didn't put up a fight when Matt said it was time to take him to the Humane Society.  Off we went knowing that someone looking for a friendly kitten would be thrilled the next day.

Friday I went to work and thought about kitten all day.  My co-workers were sad to know we couldn't keep it.  I held back from calling Matt to plea with him that we go back and give it another try before someone else gets the kitten.  I knew he wouldn't budge.  He's a pretty firm guy.  I told myself that other cute orange kitty's were waiting to be born later on when we could get one.  It was going to be a normal weekend for us and a very special one for the kitty's new owners.  

At 5:10 I unlocked our backdoor thinking about sorting whites & darks and then going to the laundry-mat when out from the living room darts an orange ball of fur!!!  I was SHOCKED!  Matt went back to the Humane Society first thing that morning and got permission from them to keep the kitten over the weekend to see if the two cats would eventually get along better!  I was so surprised that he went to the effort to do that.  Not that they equate to the same shock value, but the only other time I can think of that he took me by such surprise was when he proposed!  

Now it's Saturday morning and Lucy has done better, but not good enough.  She's outside as is normal and the kitten is asleep on the couch.  Hopefully it will all work out by Monday...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween night didn't disappoint!  Our friends Ricky & Dalia came over dressed as "Matt & Jenna!"  They were hysterical... both had on blonde wiggs & glasses similar to ours.  They were both wearing typical Sunday clothes the real Robinson's commonly wear (Ricky even said he wore orange for Auburn).  "Matt" was also carrying fake physics & theology books while holding a cup of ice to chew.   Note to all you creative costumers:  Dress up like the hosts you are going to see - it was so funny!  Our friend Jason (the Sing guy), his wife Erin and his drummer Scott were here over the weekend and Jason showed off his Wizard costume before heading off to Pigskin (a Baylor Homecoming tradition).  Matt was a Master Card ad and I threw on a neon green moo-moo (thank you Heather!), purple fuzzy slippers and put sloppy rollers in my hair.  Stephanie also came over and we all made our way to the porch to eat our chili and pass out candy around 6:30.  It was a blast seeing all the costumes & hearing the funny things some of the kids would say.  Such as... after Steph prompted one little girl to say "trick-or-treat" by asking her, "what do you say?" her immediate & bold reply was, "I want that one," as she pointed to that one.  At 7:25, less than one hour later, we were out 10 lbs of candy and had about 400 trick-or-treaters come by!!!  We turned the crowds away, locked the door and walked around for a while to partake from the sidewalks.  What a bizarre, but fun tradition.

Matt carved Yoda (& later The Joker).  I'm a traditional jack-o-lantern girl.

Matt the Master Card ad and Jason the Wizard.

Jenna, Matt, Jenna, Matt

Enjoying our chili on the front porch.

We had 3 jack-o-lanterns and a black light... and 10 lbs of candy.
(The little boy walking up had fake tattoos ALL over his arms.)

The cars & crowds in front of our porch.

The line for candy in front of our porch - crazy!  
(I love the "Papa Bear" with a camera around his neck)