Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rowdy the kitten is ours for keeps.  While I was gone visiting my family in MO for Thanksgiving, Matt took him to get officially adopted and "fixed."  He and Lucy are getting along much much better, though there are plenty of playful cat-fights to keep an eye on.  My favorite part of having him around is when he snuggles up on my shoulder at night.  Sooo cute & warm!  

Since both of our cameras are out of service these days, Steph let me borrow hers.  I have a few pictures to share, but can't find the right cord to download them with.  Bummer.  

8 Things

I haven't been motivated to post for a while, so here's something to help get me back in.  I'll honor my "tagged" status (thanks Steph & Say) & will fill this out...

8 TV shows I watch:
1) Jon & Kate Plus 8
2) Lost
3) Friends reruns
4) The Cosby Show reruns
5) House Hunters
6) Scrubs
7) the Weather prevue channel
8) The Bonnie Hunt Show

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1) 1424 (Waco)
2) Teriyaki Park (Waco)
3) Gratziano's (Waco)
4) Amsterdam's (Auburn)
5) Lolita's (Waco)
6) Pei Wei
7) Firehouse Subs
8) Schlotzky's

8 Things That Happened This Week:
1) Randomly ran into Lauren Wilkey at a wedding rehearsal in Denton, TX
2) Danced a traditional Lebanese dance at a wedding reception
3) Wrapped Christmas gifts for our adopt-a-family at work
4) Scraped ice off my car before leaving work Monday
5) Had a great long phone conversation with Natalie while she was stuck in Chicago snow traffic
6) Met Stefanie for lunch at Panera before she drove back to Dallas
7) Marveled at our fabulously low power bill
8) Made spaghetti, twice.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1) Knowing where we will move after Matt is offered & accepts a job
2) Matt's graduation in May
3) Having a washer/dryer at home (no more toting laundry in the car to the laundry mat)
4) Having a car with a working heater & radio 
5) Fab 5 Beach Trip '09
6) Diamond earrings... one day... years from now... maybe...
7) Traveling at Christmas and being able to see Matt's family
8) Cuddling with Rowdy the kitten at night

8 Things I Pray For:
1) Help getting out of bed in the morning
2) My husband
3) Our parents & other family members & friends
4) Safe travels
5) Other drivers on the road
6) People I see waiting at bus stops
7) Healthy eating habits
8) Initiative & boldness