Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December Saturday

While Matt and I are relatively decent at playing tourist already, we're on a renewed mission to get out, see and do.  The couch needs more of a break from our derrieres and the batteries in our remote deserve to last longer than six months. 

Recently our dental hygienist informed us of a special time constrained BOGO ticket offer the Newseum had going on.  The Saturday before Christmas we bundled up, got on the Metro and bought our BOGO tickets with hardly a minute to spare.  Which was great, because I don't know if it was really worth the regular $20 a pop fee... in comparison to all the free things around town.  But it was good and we're glad we went.  Tons of great photographs, a million snippets from history and a lot of painting the media in good light (no surprise there.)

Afterward we strolled across the street to watch ice skaters in the Sculpture Garden go round and round, fall and get up and go round and round again.  After being at the museum I felt compelled to document every comment I heard and expression I saw.  But I didn't have a camera crew.  So we went inside the National Gallery of Art where we made fun of boys in dresses and stood in awe of paintings created in years with only three numbers.

Then we walked through dusk into the evening past displays of greenery and white lights.  While warming up in a Barnes and Noble we talked ourselves out of going home for supper and instead, completely embraced the day by eating Ethiopian food.  The End.  Until next Saturday...


Nana and Papa said...

what wonderful pictures. you can have a travel blog for all of us that can't be there more often!!

Anonymous said...

Great, great pictures. And you write SOOOO darn well!!!!