Friday, July 23, 2010


Some recent garage sale hunting, Goodwill sifting, buck banging bargains I'm proud to be the owner of:

Though it is one lone saucer with no teacup, the colors and pattern called out to me at Goodwill last week. Possibly a soap dish? Trinket holder? Time will tell.

Walking through a smoky VFW hall was worth it when I bought this vintage juicer for just $2.

This framed print came from the county flea market. I like that (1) it's old, (2) it's of a real building that still stands in London today, and (3) that I talked the seller down to half price.

I'm so excited to have a batter bowl! All trends aside, Jadeite truly is beautiful.

Maps, flat or round, intrigue me. Especially $4 ones.

The shape and color of the cups reeled me in, but when I noticed there were freaking chickens on the plates my heart sank. I don't like chicken decor. Too country for me. But when I slowed down to focus on the great gold and blue colors, the durable melamine construction (perfect for rooftop dining), and the dirt cheap price of $4... the suddenly charming chickens found a new home.


Peg said...

Love the print!! Reminds me of the ones we have in Will's room that Greg's parents got in Venice. (Will is our new adoptive son you know).

Nana and Papa said...

I do miss you guys and the view from the roof! Glad you are staying put,it is a beautful place to live! Thanks for all the updates and Jenna,you are good at finding neat bargins!

Natalie said...

Love your finds!!!!!

Kayla Saadeh said...

I love your finds, Jenna! When we visit you guys, I want you to take me shopping! :)


I love the saucer! Do I have one like that that I put up in our Austin Ave room?