Friday, September 21, 2012

William's Nursery

I didn't day-dream about it pre-pregnancy.  I didn't put much thought into it.  I was reluctant to give up the little bedroom that I did day-dream about being my nook.  But it is now sweet William's perfect little place in our home and I love it.  Aiming for a more neutral look that would transition with age, gender and placement in different rooms, I picked out the crib, dresser and lamp.  Everything else was either a gift, on loan from a friend or we already had.  It all fell into place perfectly!  Come take a peek:

View walking in from the living room.  Our stork sign was a gift from Kellie (who has an incredible business in downtown Greenville, SC named The Pink Azalea) to hang on our hospital door.  I hung it on our front door for all to see until William was eight weeks old.

The closet doors are painted the same color as our living room. (Behr's Gentle Mist)

Inside is my favorite area of the nursery to obsess over...

Baby clothes!!!  On top are items he can wear now.

Down below are clothes for him to grow into, wipes, a monkey bucket, and sweet keepsakes. (Framed invitation to my baby shower, a monogrammed silver cup holding William's hospital bracelet and Matt's baby brush, piggy bank and silver rattle.)

Leftie closet isn't as cute, but serves good purposes.  Diapers up top, stuff in the middle, grocery bags for dirty diapers and behind that a bag for outgrown clothes.
A place for a dirty hiney, dirty clothes and clean things on the wall.

Photograph of a miracle waving hello.
This hand painted plate is my favorite item in the room.  Other than the baby.  Duh.
Our stompin' grounds.
Six dresser drawers full of (1) blankets, (2) blankets, (3) toys, (4) clothes to grow into, (5) onesies, pants, socks, hats

and (6) diapers, bibs, burp cloths, lotions, potions galore. (Drawer dividers from Ikea.)
We happened to already own the soft yellow, green, blue and white bedding - perfect!  Puppy dog is a hand-me-down from William's second cousins.  Neither Matt nor I have needed to sleep in the bed, but it has been perfect for resting, cuddling, swaddling, rocking and bouncing.
I like that our classic Jenny Lind crib is living on the edge in black.  And the bunny bedding is perfect for our Easter baby.  The chair, on loan from our living room, was added later as middle-of-the-night nursing became more efficient and we no longer needed to find a TV playing The Nanny re-runs.

And we've come full circle.  A tiny circle perfect for our little firstborn.
And lastly, cards recieved before and after William's birth.  I have stared at those cards, the words inside them, the names on them evening after evening, night after night.  They have provided me with company and hope during lonely and tough moments.

Making our house a home one room at a time...


Peg said...

Like you, other than WRR, the plate is my most favorite thing!!

Nana and Papa said...

So perfect for William and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

I loved looking at these pictures, Jenna! I'm so impressed at all the organization! The room is beautiful and amazing!:) Love, Erin